Winter Storms 2014

Those who know me personally know I’m not a fan of winter weather.

I prefer my snow during the 10 days starting Christmas Eve through New Years Day

I am getting older so snow & ice & cold aren’t what I’m into 

But there is beauty in the snow & there is a part of me that misses being a child sledding

Do children still go sledding?

Living in CT I’ve not lived with yards that had hills for sledding

We had some monster hills on the farm in NY perfect for sledding

From the comfort of the house I have been playing with the camera 

Trying to see if I can get a picture showing the snowflakes falling

I wasn’t successful but Google’s AutoAwesome feature did it for me 

So enjoy the view of my backyard from the bedroomImage

2012 The Furbabies 1

2012 The Furbabies 1.

I was hoping that it would show the video here with a direct share but it doesn’t.

Just a quickie video of our furry family members pictures

I got behind with my goal of posting 1 new & 1 old each week

Sadly my best childhood friend lost her battle with cancer this month & that threw me for a loop

I’m going through some ups & downs in the grieving process


Audio Post – Feb 3 2014

Tested out the audio posting feature for the blog

Think this will come in handy for quick updates when I’m unable to use my laptop

Since I’ve only got a “Smart Looking Dumb Phone” any phone in updates will be short so I do not use up all my minutes

I’m thinking this will be great for when the power goes out again like during “SnowTober” Storm Alfred in Oct (2011?)

We were without power for 10 days & this will be a great way to keep family & friends updated as to what’s going on


Groundhogs Day

2014 has been rather hectic so far & it’s only Feb 2nd

I’ve decided to start yet another blog this year

The question is why bother when there are more than a few other blogs out there from years past?

Well I’m trying to pull together all those blogs from all over the place & put them into one

A long time blog has been lost due to non-use but it was full of my memories & thoughts & pictures at that time

With the loss of that blog the reality of needing to gather my cyberlife together into one place hit me

I’ve lost a few friends & family members in recent years & for my family to be able to find all of the blogs will be difficult

So in future years when the family wonders about events etc at least they’ll be able to come to 1 place to start understanding

We Parents do not get an instruction manual so we do the best we can in raising our children & interacting with our family

We make mistakes, but for the most part we are doing the best that we can

From the outside looking in most do not have a clue as to why decisions have been made but

In writing our blogs we tend to put out there some of deepest heartfelt feelings & thoughts

So this blog will be a combination of what’s going on now & posts from the past tossed in as I migrate those posts from other blogs in

As we all know the well laid plans often go awry so expect occasional confusion going forth

The current plan is to post at least once a week on life in the here & now

Then sometime during the week I’ll have a copy & paste from an old blog with the possibility of an update introducing it

Thank you for joining me on my journey forward into the future while reviewing the past

Thanks for Reading Real Life in CT

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Mrs T heading 2 success suit breifcase