Spring Cleaning – Decluttering & Tag Sales

It’s time for me to start that ever wonderful Spring Cleaning

This year I’m not just opening windows & packing away washed winter wearables for next season

This year I’m going to declutter & downsize our belongings

Starting with all those gift items I’m never going to use & those purchased items I’ve just got no time for

New in Box Farberware Millennium 10 pc Stainless Steel Non-Stick Cookset

Like this brand new still in box 10 piece stainless steel Farberware cook set that Hubby ordered that I refuse to use because I told him I wanted to pick up a cast iron cook set

He never returned it figuring that I’d give in since I couldn’t lift it to bring it down the stairs to the car to the post office to send it back to the company that he ordered it from. I haven’t given in & all it’s doing is pissing me off each time I trip over it

(Men when your wife has a big red X on an item in a catalog & has circled several items in that catalog do not buy the item with the big red X on it get one of the items that are circled)

So now it’s just taking up space so I need to get this set sold & then I’ll be able to pick up the cast iron cook set that I wanted in the 1st place. If you are living in CT & might be interested in buying this set you do not have to wait until I have the official tag sale in April / May feel free to leave a message 641-715-3900 ext 841011#


This is the most perfect response to labor protesters

This is a great example of how businesses large & small should deal with crazy BS union bullies
I hope that from now on more & more businesses respond in similar manner with creative signs in quiet protest

Empty Nesting Again

Got a bunch of mixed emotions going on this week

I dropped my son off at the airport on Sunday something I’ve not done since early 08 when he was still in the Navy

I tried to have a happy face & laugh but inside was a mixture of motherly emotions

We joked a bit as we got his stuff ready for the “working vacation” off to Louisiana to look for a seamans job

The joy in knowing that if he wasn’t able to find a job he had one fulltime he already was working at & 1 seasonal possible to fulltime permanent at the post office to come back to at the end of the week

He was excited & I was nervously excited for him as well but angry because he should have been able to get a shipping job here in CT but our democratically run state has driven out all of the good jobs

Today my son texted that he’s passed the physical & that he’s scheduled to start orientation on Monday

He has a minor hiccup that they are working on that he didn’t know about in his certification but the company is working on getting that fixed

I’m happy for him I knew it wouldn’t be a problem getting the job if there were openings he is a good worker & missed being on the water

but I am angry that our Employment Offices aren’t set up to assist our veterans in getting their certifications etc so that it’s easier to transition into civilian life? I thought that there were supposed to be a veterans helper that helps our veterans take the skills that they had in the military & translate them into employment english so that the HR departments would know what the veterans were doing & that also help our veterans that want to do similar work in the civilian world get the certifications etc that are necessary

I’m sorry to be venting but I am angry that my son has to go 1/2 way across the country to get a job when CT is on the shore with several Port towns & NYC is not far away is also a port city but the tax & spend democrats have chased away all of the shipping companies & factories & companies that might have hired our children

I am excited at his news – like I said a big mixture of emotions going on

He’s not yet found out which type of ship he’ll be placed on

The company is International so I’m wondering if he’ll be Way Out to Sea or more stateside waters in the gulf of mexico ports in & around the Mississippi

I went into his room today & had a little cry because I’ll miss having someone to chit chat with during the day

Working Retail there were many days he had off that Hubby was working & we’d chit chat & he helped out around the house when I couldn’t reach something or lift heavy items

On occasion we’d just “Hangout” & he’d treat me to lunch or sometimes a movie,

He made certain that I got to go shooting for my very first time when he overheard me talking about the fact that I wanted to know what the different types of guns felt like weightwise prior to buying anything due to my arm not being able to handle heavy weights for longguns & I was nervous about the kickback on sidearm choices but I knew I wanted to get my permit & licenses & larn how to hunt

My son is a good son that I am both proud of & enjoy hanging out with

We’ve had some very heated debates that can last for hours covering all sorts of topics in one night while sitting in the yard, or walking the dog or in our lower level so we don’t wake Hubby. We enjoyed those life discussions even though sometimes we’d frustrate each other at different times about different topics

Only a mother whose last child has left the nest can understand the mixture of emotions that I’m talking about

I’m sure that husbands go through something similar but it’s not the same
(I did catch Hubby standing in the middle of the room Sunday when I got back from the airport)
We both miss our son in our own way
But mothers know it’s different because we’ve given life to these grown people
Wiped tears, taught their first words & sang them songs, nursed at our breasts
& that’s just something that is different from a mother’s love
I’m not saying better, just a different kind of love & bond

Son & I prior to airport drive

Love my Son trying to make me laugh

Quitting Smoking 2013 & 14

March 6 2014 I’m still trying to be a successful quitter

below the picture is a post from last year on a blog I’m closing

My 2014 Quit Smoking thoughts for today

It’s very hard to quit but I have cut down thanks to eCigs

Hubby, Son & I all need to figure out how to beat this monster called Nicotine

We have each at different times been able to quit for a short period of time

Unfortunately we’ve not been able to quit it for good

I think it will help if we can each ID what our “triggers” are

For me so far I’ve IDed the Stress Factor as being a big problem

I also have to do something about the “Eating Instead of Smoking” thing

As I’ve cut down I have done more munchies & have gained some weight

Clothes shopping is a downer as I’m moving back up into that “in between sizes nothing fits right” problem

I don’t want to get back into sweat suits mode I gave them all away for a reason

just like I gave away all my “big girl” clothes & my “wow I WAS way under weight” size 5/6/7 clothes

As spring approaches I hope to get outside more & walk the weight gain off & get back to my perfect size 10/11 again


Quitting Smoking

November 20, 2013

Wish me luck as I am about to go from Smoking cigarettes down to only using eCigs.

I’m weaning myself from smoking fulltime to using the eCigs with the goal of New Years Day being only a ‘Vapor’.

I’m hoping that by the time June 2014 comes around I’ll be able to cut even that use down to almost nothing.

I’ll be posting updates every so often here

I’ve struggled in the past trying to quit

I did post some videos about it this year when I didn’t do so well

I’ll share my new videos here

Have you tried to quit smoking?

how many times did it take you to quit?

What made your quit successful?

Reflecting back to Feb 2009 – Just for Laughs

As the title suggests this is one of the posts I’ve had out there from a few years back

Times seemed so much simpler back in those days

The joys, wonders & mishaps of being “new home owners” was still with us

The new admin hadn’t yet steamrolled the country & economy onto the full fledged socialist path

Feb 2009 seems to be such a long time ago & such a happier time

I hope & pray that as a country we can get back to those happier times

So here’s a couple of laughs about the next coming snow & silly email chain letters that we all have gotten over the years since we started on the internet


LOL I Like Bro Bills Title ABC of ME aka Crap U Really Didn’t Need to Know

February 13, 2009 at 4:08am

ABC’s of me – AKA crap you really didn’t need to know

Copy and paste and put your own answers. 🙂

A – Age: Old Enuf to Know Better & Young Enuf Not to Care – now You know better than to ask a lady her age that’s just plain rude

B – Bed size: Queen

C – Chore you hate: cleaning the cat box – a certain unnamed tossed out the Litter-maid & hasn’t yet replaced it with the Kitty Toilet

D – Dad’s Name: Daaa-deee

E – Essential start your day item: Nicotine before feet hit the floor & caffeine must be 40 ozs minimum a day (0;}

F – Favorite actor(s):ok are we counting the drama queens in our lives or not?

G – Gold or Silver: Gold

H – Height: 5′ 6″

I – Instruments you play(ed): recorder, guitar, flute, table harp thing, bells

J – Job title: Praying Wife, Mother & Proud Mom-Mom

K – Kid(s): 2 boy furbabies (although 1 is currently catnapped & being held hostage) & 1 girl furbaby of the 2 legged kind I have 1 26 yr old DramaQueen complete with son 8 & 1 25 yr old NavyBoy

L – Living arrangements: new home owners and loving it even when things are starting to break

M – Mom’s name: MMaaa

N – Nicknames: ok now it’s too many to list but T is most common regardless of state

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: whose birth mine or the children’s?

P – Pet Peeve: Stupidity close second DramaQueens & people who ask for advice & then don’t follow it

Q – Quotes you like: “This Too Shall Pass” Dad & usually he was right – “Stop Touching the Unclean Thing” G-ma paraphrasing a bible verse usually when she’s referring to someone we shouldn’t be hanging with

R – Right or left handed: very very very right (but of course I’m almost always right – trust me on that)

S – Siblings: biologically -Jim 4 brother by another mother Bill sisters by other misters Kelly, Carol, Rita & Kathy

T – Time you wake up: ok it may sound bad but noon is good when I’ve only gone to bed for good at 9am most nights & days

V – Vegetable you dislike: BEETS o they look so pretty purple on the plate but uuugghh

W – Ways you run late: exactly why am I Running in the 1st Place to be running at all? – LOL ooo it’s a fire out the door I go

X – X-rays you’ve had: shoulder, uterus, right hip & spine

Y – Yummy food you make: meat & potatoes kinda folk here, cakes

Z – Zodiac: Twins or is it Quads?