Reflecting back to Feb 2009 – Just for Laughs

As the title suggests this is one of the posts I’ve had out there from a few years back

Times seemed so much simpler back in those days

The joys, wonders & mishaps of being “new home owners” was still with us

The new admin hadn’t yet steamrolled the country & economy onto the full fledged socialist path

Feb 2009 seems to be such a long time ago & such a happier time

I hope & pray that as a country we can get back to those happier times

So here’s a couple of laughs about the next coming snow & silly email chain letters that we all have gotten over the years since we started on the internet


LOL I Like Bro Bills Title ABC of ME aka Crap U Really Didn’t Need to Know

February 13, 2009 at 4:08am

ABC’s of me – AKA crap you really didn’t need to know

Copy and paste and put your own answers. 🙂

A – Age: Old Enuf to Know Better & Young Enuf Not to Care – now You know better than to ask a lady her age that’s just plain rude

B – Bed size: Queen

C – Chore you hate: cleaning the cat box – a certain unnamed tossed out the Litter-maid & hasn’t yet replaced it with the Kitty Toilet

D – Dad’s Name: Daaa-deee

E – Essential start your day item: Nicotine before feet hit the floor & caffeine must be 40 ozs minimum a day (0;}

F – Favorite actor(s):ok are we counting the drama queens in our lives or not?

G – Gold or Silver: Gold

H – Height: 5′ 6″

I – Instruments you play(ed): recorder, guitar, flute, table harp thing, bells

J – Job title: Praying Wife, Mother & Proud Mom-Mom

K – Kid(s): 2 boy furbabies (although 1 is currently catnapped & being held hostage) & 1 girl furbaby of the 2 legged kind I have 1 26 yr old DramaQueen complete with son 8 & 1 25 yr old NavyBoy

L – Living arrangements: new home owners and loving it even when things are starting to break

M – Mom’s name: MMaaa

N – Nicknames: ok now it’s too many to list but T is most common regardless of state

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: whose birth mine or the children’s?

P – Pet Peeve: Stupidity close second DramaQueens & people who ask for advice & then don’t follow it

Q – Quotes you like: “This Too Shall Pass” Dad & usually he was right – “Stop Touching the Unclean Thing” G-ma paraphrasing a bible verse usually when she’s referring to someone we shouldn’t be hanging with

R – Right or left handed: very very very right (but of course I’m almost always right – trust me on that)

S – Siblings: biologically -Jim 4 brother by another mother Bill sisters by other misters Kelly, Carol, Rita & Kathy

T – Time you wake up: ok it may sound bad but noon is good when I’ve only gone to bed for good at 9am most nights & days

V – Vegetable you dislike: BEETS o they look so pretty purple on the plate but uuugghh

W – Ways you run late: exactly why am I Running in the 1st Place to be running at all? – LOL ooo it’s a fire out the door I go

X – X-rays you’ve had: shoulder, uterus, right hip & spine

Y – Yummy food you make: meat & potatoes kinda folk here, cakes

Z – Zodiac: Twins or is it Quads?


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