Plans the reality vs ideals

the past 2 weeks have shown me again the need for a Plan B

We all think we have it “all together” but reality is most of us don’t

Sometimes we get blindsided by events that change our plans

Other times it’s our own fault that things go wrong because we dropped the ball or skipped something in our plans

To have a plan for the most part is better than no plan at all

But a poorly made plan can be disastrous if it’s not open to revision


my coffee cup

Plans help with Time Management, I do tend to try to do too much

The reverse is also true Proper Time Management greatly helps to keep Plans on track


A monkey wrench was thrown into my plans recently

So now while I was on track for some educational plans I’ve been sidetracked for some others

I was let down when suddenly I had the proverbial rug pulled out from under me

Am I disappointed YES but will I be held down permanently due to it? Nope


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