Mayweather on His ex-fiance’s Abortion

That is so sad that he wanted his babies but she killed the twins
Many people do not consider the fathers when they demand the right to kill babies on demand via abortive medical procedures


Floyd Mayweather Girlfriend Abortion Revelation: Boxer Accuses Shantel Jackson of ‘Killing’ Their Twin Babies

‘I’m totally against killing babies. She killed our twin babies,’ Says Mayweather Ahead of Marcos Maidana Fight

Folks, under our pillar “Sanctity of Life” is abortion. Abortion is not an option when it comes to God. God considers life sacred–especially the innocent. Mayweather is the highest paid athlete in America and based on his earthly fruits, he does not appear to be a  Christian. His alleged stand on abortion broke his engagement. We do NOT agree with pre-marital sex at all! We believe at W.D.M. that it’s first marriage and then the baby carriage. Please listen to our Marriage call “The Selfish Agenda” as we discuss how a selfish decision can/will destroy your marriage!

May 3, 2014|9:51 pm

In the run-up to Saturday’s big fight, Floyd Mayweather has been revealing details…

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April Showers Bring May Flowers but not for Us 2014

With all of the showers we have had the flowers should be out in force

Unfortunately last year we had someone digging up the bulbs

This spring now that the snows are all gone

I can see just how much they stole Tulips, Daffs, Lilies, Iris, Hosta, Bleeding Heart Fern & it looks like also the Peonies

I’m disgusted that I’m 99.9% certain that I know who did it but have no proof

I’ll try to upload the pictures later for some reason I’m getting error messages



I really hope that the lease for the new neighbors ends real soon

Have never had a problem with police coming around nor stolen stuff til they got here



My answer to this temporary problem will be to just plant a bunch of annuals

Thinking I might add in some lettuces among the annual flowers too

Until we can afford to get fencing I’m thinking thats the best way to deal with it



I have been debating the idea of getting some rose bushes & blueberry bushes & maybe growing a living fence?

Will have to talk to hubby about that idea he’s chopped down the blackberry & raspberries we had

Sometimes he is overzealous with his powertools lol