Retrospective on Board of Education Spending

Watching the BoE meetings on the cable tv at night can get the blood pressure raised.
We are getting stuck with higher taxes because the democrats want to waste more money & they aren’t making the education any better for our children they are just wasting money on the newest shiney imported overpriced circus toy that breaks soon after taking it out of the package. Unlike when the circus comes to town where we try to distract the children away from the outrageous cost we parents & homeowners can’t change the channel & try to pretend the circus is not in town right now with all of it’s clowns & circus acts & shiney expensive toys that look pretty but offer nothing of value.

It’s very sad to watch both at the state & the town level budget process as the people are being lied to about costs & need.
Why does it seem that the only way that democrats can get things pushed through is to lie & the people do not bother to question those lies? When will people start asking the questions that need to be asked & call out the democrats when they exaggerate or in some cases (too many cases) out right lie?



This year’s Board of Education budget process has been challenging. There have been substantial changes in the way the budget is being presented this year. The most noticeable difference being the greater amount of information being provided. For example, personnel positions that are paid for through grant funding, and never reported in the BoE budget book, are now included by site and department.

With this greater degree of transparency, there have certainly been some growing pains. I call them growing pains because it’s difficult to accept and adapt to change. I know that for me the change in reporting has certainly thrown me for a loop, but I greatly appreciate the commitment that our Superintendent, Dr. Cooke, and his cabinet, have made to provide the public with all the information. Instead of, as we have clearly seen, making moves behind the scenes to…

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Summer Scams: Tips from AARP

Please be careful & DO NOT Open Your Doors to anyone that you have not called to your home…
Today 2 men that were in NESCOR caps were on my street knocking on doors & claiming to offer “Free Home Energy Audits” – were they real I do not know but I talked to them through the storm door which was locked & I shushed “Big Head” but when he came back down the stairs hair raised on his back I did not send him away because if he felt the need to come back down to stand by me it was good for those men to know that any movement towards the door put him on ALERT Protective status…

Were they legitimate I don’t know & do not care, I told them to send any material via snail mail & told them to hang their door hanger on the door & I’ll get their info from it – the door hanger will remain there until my husband gets home

The way that I look at door to door salesmen, if they are legitimate they’ll have info they can give you or mail you if all they want is your information to try to gain access to your home then then they aren’t legitimate & no amount of “We’ll Save You Money” is worth opening your door & letting in strangers because they are scammers either trying to rob you outright or by tricking you into an over priced project that isn’t worth the cost of ink & paper that they con you into

The government doesn’t have “salespeople that go door to door” for their tax credit programs & any company that is sending people out door to door trying to con you into opening your door is a scam legitimate companies are too busy working & they are getting their work from their listings in the yellow pages & their websites.

I just wish I had brought my camera with me so I could have posted the picture of the men who came to my door so others could be alerted to who they are & why they they are stopping by & for the record if in fact they are criminal scammers


We missed the parade but we are going to try to make it down to the Windsor Shad Derby

If you want some fun there’s still some time for family friendly fun going on at the town green.

We forgot it was this weekend & we got busy moving stuff around in the basement so we’re debating do we have time to shower after we finish the items that need to get done to attend

Want to see if they have the dunk tank set up & if so who got dunked


12 Civil Rights Groups Oppose Opting Out. It Could Have Been 28.

I am wondering if these groups are not actually aware of the harm which these tests & common core is doing to the minority children?
Or have they sold out our children too?


On May 5, 2015, twelve civil rights groups led by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights issued a statement “opposing anti-testing efforts.” In short, these groups are confronting the growing strength of the Opt Out/Resist the Test movement.

These groups are the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD), Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc. (COPAA), Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), NAACP, National Council of La Raza (NCLR), National Disability Rights Network (NDRN), National Urban League (NUL), Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC), and TASH.

I wrote about their statement in this May 5, 2015, post, entitled, Opting Out Interfering with the “Civil Right” of Testing?

When I first read the May 5, 2015, statement by these 12 civil rights organizations that are defending annual testing even in the face of nationwide standardized-testing overuse…

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2015 May Thoughts

Pearly & Me

Pearly & Me

I’ve been rather busy with life so I’ve not been updating as I had planned when I started this blog

I spent this weekend enjoying my son’s short vacation home which ends tomorrow when he goes back down to his job on the ship.

I also was allowed to learn a bit of our family history that filled in what happened during some years when I was struggling as a single mother & it left me feeling appreciative over the drama that God kept me from having to deal with had I stayed in the mess instead of getting out when I did…

God will guide us if we allow Him to