Summer Scams: Tips from AARP

Please be careful & DO NOT Open Your Doors to anyone that you have not called to your home…
Today 2 men that were in NESCOR caps were on my street knocking on doors & claiming to offer “Free Home Energy Audits” – were they real I do not know but I talked to them through the storm door which was locked & I shushed “Big Head” but when he came back down the stairs hair raised on his back I did not send him away because if he felt the need to come back down to stand by me it was good for those men to know that any movement towards the door put him on ALERT Protective status…

Were they legitimate I don’t know & do not care, I told them to send any material via snail mail & told them to hang their door hanger on the door & I’ll get their info from it – the door hanger will remain there until my husband gets home

The way that I look at door to door salesmen, if they are legitimate they’ll have info they can give you or mail you if all they want is your information to try to gain access to your home then then they aren’t legitimate & no amount of “We’ll Save You Money” is worth opening your door & letting in strangers because they are scammers either trying to rob you outright or by tricking you into an over priced project that isn’t worth the cost of ink & paper that they con you into

The government doesn’t have “salespeople that go door to door” for their tax credit programs & any company that is sending people out door to door trying to con you into opening your door is a scam legitimate companies are too busy working & they are getting their work from their listings in the yellow pages & their websites.

I just wish I had brought my camera with me so I could have posted the picture of the men who came to my door so others could be alerted to who they are & why they they are stopping by & for the record if in fact they are criminal scammers

WTNH Connecticut News

[anvplayer video=”507327″ /]

(WTNH) — Spring has finally sprung here in the Northeast but as the temperature heats up so does the activity of scammers looking to fleece unsuspecting homeowners, especially older ones. Here to tell us about the top seasonal scams to watch out for, and how to protect yourself are Howard Schwartz from the Connecticut Better Business Bureau and AARP Fraud Watch volunteer, Byron Peterson.

What are some popular scams to watch out for this time of year?
• Home Repair Scams (Driveways, cleanup, repairs, roofs)
• Magazine sales/fundraisers
• Sweepstakes Scams

When it comes to Home Repair Scams what should people watch out for?
• If they request upfront payment under the guise of having to buy materials;
• Out-of-state license plates (may suggest fly-by-day “gypsy” scammers who travel state to state and often seek out elderly homeowners). Legitimate contactors, in high demand, rarely have to travel…

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