December Ponderances 2015

December is a busy month for most of us…

A time of sharing & caring with family & friends

but for some it’s also a time of Firsts, the Happy Firsts like Baby’s First Christmas or First Holiday Party in the New Home…

But also the sad firsts as families face their first holidays with an empty chair this year. If you have friends who are facing this type of First this holiday season reach out to them.

Try to include them in some activities that will be a bit distracting & be there for that shoulder to cry on if needed. The holidays can be depressing for those who have suffered a recent loss as each new “First Holiday Without ___” pops up.

Be understanding & have patience with your friend or family member who is working through the grieving process. If possible break up the old routines of years past by doing something different like changing the venue for holiday gatherings or maybe going on a trip away from the home for the holidays or as a group volunteering at a soup kitchen for the big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter?

While your friend may enjoy all that you are doing, if they do have a brief breakdown be understanding & let them grieve. The tears can just come out of no where even shocking your friend that something small or silly would cause such a reaction that they can’t even control. Offer an understanding hug & if possible guide them to a private place so they can pull themselves together.

That first year with a missing loved one is an extremely difficult one, so in your celebrating keep in your mind your friend or family member who is experiencing their first holiday with a missing loved one & give them a little extra attention.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwanzaa & Happy New Year

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