I Told You So

“I told you so” words that we bite our tongues on but think when we’ve warned people or given them advice & then they do not follow that advice & suffer afterwards.

Sadly this year & last I’ve had to bite my tongue a lot more than I have in the past years while I’ve watched several friends & family members get into situations that could have been avoided if only they had listened to me to either take steps to entirely avoid or at least mitigate problems that were snowballing.

What is most annoying is when I’ve tried to give advice to some people who are in some “groups” that have been Stuck in a Rut. Fussing & complaining about the way things are but they actually seem to like being “Stuck in a Rut” because they do not have to be.

What is the definition of “Insanity”? … wasn’t it something about “Doing the Same things over & over but expecting “Different Results”? but rather than doing something different & possibly having success there are those who are getting angry & digging their heels in, to not only stay in the rut but working hard to keep you in their rut as well…

Well NO Thank You! I’m NOT willingly going to be to staying in your rut. I’ll be fighting & trying new things & new twists on things until the very end. I’m telling you once again that it’s not too late to make the changes that are needed to get into a winning place. It may be hard but just being hard is not a good enough reason to not try at all.

Be willing to learn new ways & try new things & do so with the idea that “Hey this will be interesting to see the results” rather than with a defeatist attitude “Nothing will work so do not even bother to try”

The picture below… is from Opening Day at Total Win in West Hartford… New for me is I’m trying to learn about the various types of wine one inexpensive bottle at a time – the reason for the picture – the sculpture is made of CHEESE now that is Doing Something Different & was a success for the Artist as well as the Store Owner & Employees





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