Technology Love, Hate, Need?

Going through one of those days when Technology is fighting with me

Since I’m in the middle of another attempt to quit smoking I’m a bit easier to frustrate so the technology is winning this round For NOW…

Contrary to popular belief NOT Everything New is Good & Better than what is Tried & True so why do these social media companies insist upon “Breaking” what was working?

I went to facebook this afternoon & almost had a heart attack because suddenly some of my keys were not typing correctly – if I typed the letters in CapItol lEttErs I could get a word typed in but of course it didn’t look right & I wasn’t going to  just simply use ALL CAPS since I wasn’t yelling.

Facebook for some reason decided that it wanted to screw up I am a slow typist to begin with so after I posted about my problem I just left – came over here to post my little rant & will check back later on to see if after restarting my computer if Facebook has corrected their silliness or if all I’ll be doing is silent sharing or hanging out over on Blab & G+…

I Love Technology when it’s working the way it’s suppose to work, it enables me to talk to people from all over the world…

but when it’s screwing up I HATE Technology or actually it’s more that I hate when they “Break” the Technology to “Improve It” because that seems to be the main problem the programmers rush out a product that is full of bugs & problems & they do not spend any time in BETA with REAL PEOPLE & then once the bugs are all worked out start rolling it out slowly to those who want it first & eventually to everyone…

Well my rant is over; going to go spend a little time with my son who is home for a visit before he heads back to his ship in a couple more days.




Life is Changing Quickly

Who knew how much our lives could change in only a few short years?

This time last year I was merely a member of my RTC helping our local town council & board of ed members get elected, this year…. well surprise surprise I’m an actual candidate for state senate. LOL who saw that coming? I didn’t see it but I have gone ahead & made the choice to take an active part in the political process & work to make positive changes in our government at the state level.

Seeing politics from the eyes of a civilian that has not been politically active, it has been quite an eyeopening experiencectgop constitution dont mess with it abe lincoln quote Not just about the all the things which go into trying to run a campaign but also the process of it all. It’s been both a positive thing as well as negative in seeing just how dirty our elected officials have been in making certain that they stay in power.

I’m not liking the nastiness from people who have been friends fighting over their candidates, I do now understand why people say the 2 things never to talk about are politics & religion – some of the things I’ve seen & heard by people who have been at rallies together & picnics & bbqs… well some of it is way past mean & hurtful but down right heartbreaking to see from people that I respected & once held in high esteem

I’m also saddened by just how many people in the state do not even know what is going on but actually chose ignorance because they do not want to take an interest but only complain about what is wrong & nothing at all to fix it

So LIFE Changes Quickly sometimes for the better sometimes for the worst

We have choices in some of the changes & others we do not.

The most important thing is like the well known Serenity Prayers says “Change the Things that We Can”; I’m not 100% sold on the idea of accepting the line about “Accepting the Things We Can’t Change” because I’m not 100% sold on the idea that there isn’t anything that can’t be changed in some manner by Prayer & by Action of some sort

I pray that people near & far take some time to seriously consider life & what it offers & start to get active in it & start making positive realistic changes (0;} will you join me on the journey to make at least 1 positive change in life?

LOL Tin Foil Hats Discussion 8-14-13

The difference a year makes we grew & grow looking back it amazes me sometimes at how far we’ve come

This video is from our livestream show Around the Cabin where we introduced “Big Dirt’s new show “The Zombie Zone”

My show Prepsteading with AvonCTStyle Wednesday Nights 8pm started on G+ but transferred to skype

Happy Easter 2014

It’s actually Saturday evening
The sun has not yet fully set
Thought I was going to have plans for tonight but no call came in
So I sit here thinking on some of the events this week

I was able to get some items posted on some Yahoo Groups that allow TagSale Items
The RTC meeting was a bit uneventful because no candidates showed up
I will detail more of my thoughts about the no show stand in for Tom Foley on my political blog
I enjoyed some freedom this week just beng able to get up & go to the RTC meeting without begging for a ride
I hate that it is so bad of an economy that we have a 2nd car but can’t even afford to get it fixed
With my son being on a boat out in the gulf I have use of his car & it is liberating

I have been cooped up all winter
This spring has been a bit weird in the weather dept
we had warm weather followed by SNOW this week
From COLD to WARM – Mark Twain’s words about if you don’t like new england weather wait 5 minutes it will change was quite true this year & this week
It’s been absolutely wonderful to be able to get out come & go when I want to

I am debating getting my hair cut this year
It’s a very hard decision because quite frankly I do not trust people with scissors
Well more accurately Women I do not trust with my hair
I have had the best luck with Italian MEN in NY doing my hair
Women not so much – in fact major disasters with women & scissors & my hair

My hair is a reflection of my mixed heritage & it’s not like a white girls nor black nor native
Not everyone knows how to handle my hair because of that
A hair dresser who was an Italian Man explained to me why they we able to do my hair best
Because he had long hair like mine at the time he said we have the same type of hair
Rollers & Sitting under the old fashioned dryer if we want full body curls
Wash & Wear ringlet curls by jumping out of the shower & putting conditioner in so it slow drys
FRIZZY MESS if it’s HUMID out or we end up sweating
I had to laugh he hit the nail right on the head unfortunately he’s in NYC & I’m in CT

Tomorrow is Easter
I pray that it finds you in good health & better finances
Tonight I’m watching the Cecil b. deMille Ten Commandments
One of these days I’ll get the dvd because the older movies low tech that they are stay truer to the bible
The modern made bible movies are embellished quite a bit (Ninja Warring Angel?)
Well I’m going to end my musings for today & go watch the movie
Sounds like the popcorn is done popping

Side note to the ladies – isn’t Yul Brenner pleasant on the eyes (0;}

Real Life in CT Video Series

It’s been a very busy week so I didn’t get the written posts done even into the drafts that I had been planning

I have decided that I’m going to try to make short videos of the pictures I take during the week. My plan is to at least once every 10 days get a completed short video made using the pictures & adding some narration to them

My 1st attempt using the Nikon movie editor which came with the camera I’m rather disappointed with; it won’t allow for much to be put into it & it only makes a movie about 5 minutes long. After getting reach the limit messages & unable to add Credits or Narration directly in I decided to just try inserting the created Nikon version into the Windows Movie Maker.

The result wasn’t ideal & the headset narration is barely above a whisper, so I don’t know if that is due to the movie in movie or if the headset mic is just not going to work inside of Windows movie maker.

Now that I know that the Nikon movie editor is so poor I won’t bother using it again & just go straight to the Windows movie maker to make the movies.

Nice thing about the Windows movie maker is that I can send the videos right over to vimeo & youtube from the program instead of having to go to the sites to upload. Subscribe to my channels directly so that as I upload you will get a notice of new uploads or you can just wait for the updates for when they get posted here on the blog several days later as time allows



Constructive help about how to improve the quality of the pictures & videos is appreciated

If there is something that you’d like to see or have me write about use the contact us form on the political blog site see the page above for the link to the political blog

Reflecting back to Feb 2009 – Just for Laughs

As the title suggests this is one of the posts I’ve had out there from a few years back

Times seemed so much simpler back in those days

The joys, wonders & mishaps of being “new home owners” was still with us

The new admin hadn’t yet steamrolled the country & economy onto the full fledged socialist path

Feb 2009 seems to be such a long time ago & such a happier time

I hope & pray that as a country we can get back to those happier times

So here’s a couple of laughs about the next coming snow & silly email chain letters that we all have gotten over the years since we started on the internet


LOL I Like Bro Bills Title ABC of ME aka Crap U Really Didn’t Need to Know

February 13, 2009 at 4:08am

ABC’s of me – AKA crap you really didn’t need to know

Copy and paste and put your own answers. 🙂

A – Age: Old Enuf to Know Better & Young Enuf Not to Care – now You know better than to ask a lady her age that’s just plain rude

B – Bed size: Queen

C – Chore you hate: cleaning the cat box – a certain unnamed tossed out the Litter-maid & hasn’t yet replaced it with the Kitty Toilet

D – Dad’s Name: Daaa-deee

E – Essential start your day item: Nicotine before feet hit the floor & caffeine must be 40 ozs minimum a day (0;}

F – Favorite actor(s):ok are we counting the drama queens in our lives or not?

G – Gold or Silver: Gold

H – Height: 5′ 6″

I – Instruments you play(ed): recorder, guitar, flute, table harp thing, bells

J – Job title: Praying Wife, Mother & Proud Mom-Mom

K – Kid(s): 2 boy furbabies (although 1 is currently catnapped & being held hostage) & 1 girl furbaby of the 2 legged kind I have 1 26 yr old DramaQueen complete with son 8 & 1 25 yr old NavyBoy

L – Living arrangements: new home owners and loving it even when things are starting to break

M – Mom’s name: MMaaa

N – Nicknames: ok now it’s too many to list but T is most common regardless of state

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: whose birth mine or the children’s?

P – Pet Peeve: Stupidity close second DramaQueens & people who ask for advice & then don’t follow it

Q – Quotes you like: “This Too Shall Pass” Dad & usually he was right – “Stop Touching the Unclean Thing” G-ma paraphrasing a bible verse usually when she’s referring to someone we shouldn’t be hanging with

R – Right or left handed: very very very right (but of course I’m almost always right – trust me on that)

S – Siblings: biologically -Jim 4 brother by another mother Bill sisters by other misters Kelly, Carol, Rita & Kathy

T – Time you wake up: ok it may sound bad but noon is good when I’ve only gone to bed for good at 9am most nights & days

V – Vegetable you dislike: BEETS o they look so pretty purple on the plate but uuugghh

W – Ways you run late: exactly why am I Running in the 1st Place to be running at all? – LOL ooo it’s a fire out the door I go

X – X-rays you’ve had: shoulder, uterus, right hip & spine

Y – Yummy food you make: meat & potatoes kinda folk here, cakes

Z – Zodiac: Twins or is it Quads?